“I just want to thank you again for all your support throughout our entire journey. I feel in a very different place in my life now to when we initially met. I know you often had to be my counsellor as well as naturopath and I really appreciate all your genuine listening and caring.” Female, 28. June 2014


"Kathryn, thank you for helping me navigate the confusing worls of pregnancy! You gave me simple advice on what to eat, what not to eat, how to help my achiing muscles, sore gums, nausea and how to best supprt the baby growing in my tummy. I am grateful for your knowledge and experience. Female, 32. April, 2015


“I wanted to thank you Kathryn. It was really lovely working with you. You have a really calming and positive presence and I have found for the 1st time in a long time I have some sense if control over my IVF journey.” Female, 35. May 2014


“As an adult and still not having had a menstrual cycle I tried asking for advice from doctors for many years, with no adequate support or advice beyond ‘go on the pill and sort it out later’. I arrived at that ‘later’ at 29 years of age and with no clue what to do to get a cycle happening and thinking I had little options except western medicines which weren’t working.I finally met Kathryn who supported me and armed me with knowledge and her incredible sense of calm to achieve my first cycle and start working towards better health. I cannot speak of her highly enough, she has so much knowledge and expertise and really works with a client-centered approach which made me confident that we could approach my health in a holistic and supportive manner. Kathryn supported me through enabling me to change my health with wisdom and natural remedies and I am very grateful for her ongoing interest in my health.” Female, 29. June 2014


“Thank you for your guidance and counsel as it helped me build a better foundation for healthy living.” Female, 43. June 2014


“I really felt I got what I needed out of my appointments with you – I found the information, care and reassurance you provided were helpful and helped me get into a better mindset about getting pregnant again. Thank you.” Female, 32. June 2014


Kathryn helped my husband and I during our very lengthy and challenging fertility journey. We had a break from IVF and tried natural therapies in the meanwhile. We both did everything Kathryn suggested, we were willing to do what it takes and try anything, we had nothing to lose. We succeeded in having the best results we had every gotten, the highest number of successful embryos, the first embryo turned into a postivive pregnancy, healthy beautiful baby noy (now 5 months) and 4 extra embryos frozen for the future!! We couldn't have achieved that amazing result without her expert guidance." Rochelle, 36. March 2015