+ How often do I need to have an appointment?

I like to see people fortnightly for the first few appointments and then space it out to 4-6 weekly, depending on peoples health condition and their needs

+ What is pre-conception care?

The aim of a preconception care program is to ensure optimum health of both partners for at least 3 months before they conceive. This is because it takes around 100 days for the sperm to develop and the eggs to mature, so anything that is done in this period of time can potentially positively or negatively impact the health of the child. Research has shown beneficial effects of preconception care beyond just the pregnancy and birth, but also shows a significant effect on future generations.

Preconception care ensures the ideal environment for your babies growth and development from the time of conception. It can also reduce the risk of miscarriage and pregnancy complications for the mother and reduce the incidence of developmental or learning difficulties, and passing on the predisposition to any allergy or genetic health issues to the child.

Who is Preconception care beneficial for? Everyone! Those who are thinking about starting a family, those who have been trying without success, and even those who are already using ART (assisted reproductive technology) such as IVF will benefit. It is especially important for older couples, those who have experienced one or more miscarriges, those who have had birth defects, malformation, prematurity, low birth weight, stillbirth, women who have endometriosis or PCOS, and men who have known sperm issues such as count, motility or morphology.

+ Do you only treat women, or do you also treat men?

Yes! I also treat men. Although I specialise in fertility, I also have a lot of experience in general health conditions, for both women and men.

+ Do you need to see previous medical test results?

Please email me copies of any past test results before your consultation to ensure thorough assessment and to prevent unnecessary repition. Please have these documents emailed directly to me. If you have any difficulty in obtaining these results, please let me know

+ Is there a waiting list? How soon can I get an appointment?

You will generally be able to get an appointment within a week and possibly earlier if it is urgent

+ Does my partner need a consultation as well?

If you are trying to conceive, then yes, it is best that your partner has a consultation as well

+ What sort of medicines do you use?

Nutritional medicine supplements and Western herbal medicine

+ Once I am pregnant should I continue with treatment?

You will need to contact me as soon as you know that you are pregnant so that your dosages of herbs and supplements can be changed accordingly. It is necessary to continue taking supplements throughout your pregnancy to meet the increased nutritional demands of pregnancy