About Kathryn

Kathryn is a qualified Naturopath, Fertility Educator and Birth Attendant with over 14 years’ experience treating infertility, women’s and men’s health issues, providing IVF support, preconception care as well as general health issues. Having practised in various multi-disciplinary clinics in Melbourne and central Victoria, Kathryn has had experience in treating a wide range of people and health conditions. Her work at Fertile Ground Health Group has allowed her to cement her knowledge in her chosen specialist field of Fertility support.

Kathryn specialises and has great success in the treatment of PCOS, post pill amenorrhoea, unexplained infertility, recurrent miscarriage, IVF support, same-sex couples attempting conception, luteal phase defects and male sperm issues as well as other fertility issues. 

Kathryn takes a holistic and realistic approach to health care and is particularly aware of the impacts of excess weight, obesity and stress on fertility and miscarriage. She believes in a non-judgemental, gentle approach that allows her patients to realise their goals and experience dramatic improvements in wellbeing. 

Maintaining collaborative relationships with your doctors and specialists is an integral part of Kathryn’s practice. She is a strong believer in improving communication between natural medicine practitioners and their medical counterparts to improve patient care and outcomes.

One of Kathryn's passions is working with people to find ways to inspire their healthy choices for fertility and long-term health. She sees the journey through fertility and pregnancy as one of the biggest opportunities for her patients to learn the value of health, to really experience it and to know how to share that knowledge as their families grow. She also particularly enjoys supporting and treating new mothers and their children. 

Kathryn is passionate about preventative health care and preconception care to create healthy babies. To this end she co-created and ran  ‘Creating a Fertile Life’  a monthly preconception workshop at Fertile Ground Health Group.

Kathryn is available for Naturopathic consultations via skype from the comfort of your own home. Medicines will be available for pickup locally or posted to you, wherever you reside.

Since 2016, Kathryn has been coaching for the Natural Fertility Prescription program, developed by Iva Keene, a Swiss-Based, Australian-trained naturopath, who is an internationally recognised natural fertility expert.

The NFP program is designed to help you address the underlying causes of infertility and improve your ability to have a healthy conception, pregnancy, birth and baby.


Brunswick Vic. 3056
+61 (0) 408 976 252

Monday-Friday 9 - 5pm